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 Are you finding it hard to relax when you get home?


       If you're like most of us, the last thing you want to do when you get home is clean. Between the dust on the floor, hair from the dogs, fingerprints on the appliances, and that nice bit of soap-scum in the shower - it's simply a hassle! However, we all take pride in our home; after all, it's our retreat, sanctuary, spa, restaurant, day care, workshop, and movie theatre. It is for this reason that Clean Home KC, LLC was formed.  

      Our mission is to provide a superior service on a foundation of building trust with our clients, care towards your possesions, and consistency of our product. This means we will go the extra mile (EVERY TIME) to ensure that you are not only satisfied, but continually delighted with the look, feel, and even scent of your home! We truly want you to benefit from the wonderful feeling of opening the door after a long day at work, and being able to relax knowing we've taken care of your most dreaded chore.  

      Know that when you call Clean Home KC, LLC, you are dealing with a professional company that shows up to your home well-dressed, well-prepared, and ready to clean effieciently &  thoroughly. We seperate ourselves from other cleaning companies by acting as an independent company, but with the look of a major national brand. No sweat pants and sour attitudes here! Just devotion to our craft and a willingness to work that we hope exceeds even YOUR expectations!  

      I invited you to put us to the test, by giving us a call at (816) 529-2195. We'll show-up quickly, give you a quote on our cleaning services, and start on your initial clean right then!  




                                                                                                   Alexander L. Howell  

                                                                                                   President & CEO  

                                                                                                   Clean Home KC, LLC